Jordan Spencer
nice work with Kelli's banner, really like it!

Thanks dude much appreciated :) Yer was fun designing that and she’s a very talented Artist to do that work for :)

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Ryan Mold

Portrait shot I took of my friend Ryan for his website and other profiles that he may want to use it for.
Location: Broughton Castle.
Camera used: Olympus E450

Ryan’s Website
Ryan’s Twitter

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ED Graphics Project: Moral Issue Poster

This is a series of screen print posters I designed for a college project recently.
I used the following to create this poster

. Photo of my friend Hayley smoking (I used a Nikon DSLR from college)
. Associate Print Drawings (For the logo at the top)
. Photoshop CS6 (Designed the entire poster using it)
. About.Com for facts for the poster info
. Blue Paint and Screen printing room at college

I chose smoking as my chosen topic for this poster as it’s quit a common thing for young people to do and theres more than enough info to work with for the my poster design.

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